As chief executive officer, Tom Johnson supervises Media Communications Corp. Catering to both international and domestic clientele, Media Communications Corp provides sustained support to online merchants through an array of innovative business solutions.

Assuming his current role in 1988, Johnson primarily oversees the creation, implementation, and tracking of the strategies employed throughout his company. Covering the full lifecycle of its clients' customers, Media Communications Corp offers a variety of options around marketing, sales, customer service, billing, and monetization. To date, the Media Communications Corp has acquired and retained more than 1 million customer relationships for its clients.

Tom Johnson's Media Communications Corp specializes in providing advanced support for online merchants. Operating from Virginia Beach, Virginia, Media Communications Corp offers a spectrum of business processing outsourcing options and commercial turnkey packages toward building and maintaining clients' customer relationships.

A highly effective operation, Media Communications Corp consistently delivers increased profitability for its clients around the globe. In fact, Media Communications Corp has doubled client sales revenue via the company's highly successful order confirmation call campaigns.

Concurrent to his work with Media Communications Corp, Tom Johnson helped found Customer Benefit Services, Inc., a start-up company, in 2011. Presently employing more than 200 individuals, Customer Benefit Services serves as a sister company to Media Communications Corp, offering top-tier back office support that includes customer service, sales, and collections.

Beyond his ongoing responsibilities with Media Communications Corp, Tom Johnson also commands a rich personal life. An avid traveler, Johnson frequently engages in a variety of recreational activities that include bicycling, snowboarding, and skiing. He also enjoys sports like racquetball and basketball and regularly contributes to charitable groups such as the American Cancer Society.

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Tom Johnson - An Experienced Entrepreneur